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Classic Ross finish runner-up at NABBA World Bodybuilding C/ships

June 10, 2014 | By KNews | Filed Under Sports  

Guyana’s internationally acclaimed bodybuilder Hugh Arlington Ross has proved

Winner, Gary Lister of the UK is flanked by 2nd place Hugh Ross and 3rd place Martin Holroyd of the UK  

Yet again that he is in a class of his own and the best ever to come from the Land of Many Waters when he placed second in the Masters Over-50
category at the 31st NABBA World Bodybuilding Championships on Sunday last at the Waterfront Theater, Belfast Northern Ireland.
The Guyanese muscleman, who is based in the USA, came up against nine other athletes of the 15 that were registered in his category, but just nine
showed up for the pre-judging on Saturday morning.
Emerging as the top athlete in the category was Gary Lister of the United Kingdom, a 9-time Mr. Universe who Ross would have defeated at these same
championships in 2012. Third was Martin Holroyd of the UK followed by Herbie Chang (Northern Ireland), Bernie Cooper (UK) and Ian Laughlin
(Northern Ireland).
The crowd according to Ross was not pleased with the judges’ decision, voicing their displeasure since they felt that the Guyanese should have been the
Commenting on his performance, Ross said he felt that he had given a very good account of himself although he was not 100 percent and still feeling
weak after cramping during the quarter turns.
That was attributed to dehydration since he had stopped taking in water 24 hours prior and also a lack of sodium which he had stopped using since last
Wednesday. Fortunately he was able to administer therapy to himself immediately after his quarter turns.
He came back on stage for his routine swinging; it was flawless and done with precision to a piece he recorded using extracts from the Marathon, one
of the theme songs from 300 Rise of an Empire and the remix of Under Control by Calvin Harris and Alesse featuring Hurts, his performance brought
the house down.
Ross sported a 199 pound body on stage and was undoubtedly the most shredded and well prepared athlete.
He reported that after pre-judging he returned to his accommodation and reminisced on his preparation leading up to that point.
“Beyond the glitz and glamour, the fans and friends, the training partners and well wishers, one truth remains.  At its core, bodybuilding is a solitary
pursuit, and only you can make the daily commitment to the training, nutrition and cardio required. The dry chicken breasts and other tasteless foods,
the sometimes awful protein shakes, the arduous and repetitive lifting of thousands of collective pounds plus the resulting aches and pains day after day.
The long soul searching bouts on the treadmills and stair-masters in the wee hours of the morning while very hungry, no one can do these things for
you. Every decision you make is in response to the relentless, incessant question echoing in your head – Do you have what it takes? Well, I know I do.”
Following the conclusion of the competition, Ross shared that he embarked on his usual ritual after event; taking a quiet walk in the dark back to his
accommodation where he spent time giving thanks in prayers and meditation.
He informed that he has never once attended the gala, after event parties and banquet and will return to his New York home today.
Responding to the question of his performance motivating local athletes, Ross stated: “ I can only hope that my performance continue to inspire, not just
our bodybuilders and other athletes but everyone.  Our younger generation should always be reminded that with discipline and dedication all of their
aspirations can become realities, while our middle aged and senior populace can see what I am doing and use that as a form of encouragement to embark
on even a simple exercise routine which is one of the best ways to maintain good health and longevity.”
Ross funded himself in every regard and was quick to point out that there were lots more that he needed but has learnt from experience that one of the
essences of success is doing the best with whatever little you have. NABBA’s athletes are not given cash prizes.
In terms of his immediate future, Ross said: “I am eagerly looking forward to coming home from work in the afternoons, for at least the next two
weeks, and alternate between gardening and bonding with the remote control in front of my TV, while enjoying small samples of a few culinary delights.
I don’t even want to drive down a street that has a gym during that period.”
Ross is extending special thanks to his family, mom and siblings for their continuous support, as well as Mr. Bob Gruskin, President of NABBA USA,
Minister of Culture Youth and Sport Dr. Frank Anthony, Brigadier Mark Phillips, Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force and all his brothers and
sisters in Armed Forces.
Mr. Carlton Joao of DIH, Jade Beepat and the Giftland Management, Mr. Mohamed and Safraz Mohamed of City Mall, Keavon Bess – GABBFF
President, HRC Committee Members, Lee Baptiste, Franklin Wilson, Alison Yhap and Dexter Garnet, Kerwin Clarke, Sylvon Gardner and Dominic
Prescod and his training partners.
Also coming in for special praise were his training partners, Pastor Gerald Shaw, Elder White, Ronald Fagan and Dave Smith who took turns to keep up
with his regimented training schedule. The following staff members of the Brooklyn Sports Club: Mathew Cofrancesco, Daniel McBeth, Morissa Micci,
Christine, Leon and Chris.
Ms. Denise Richardson – Miss America and Jeff Beckham, IFBB Professional who assisted in reviewing Ross’ mandatory poses.
“I would also like to thank my boss at work, Mr. Jim Albert and my two teammates, Charles Gordon and Carlos Antomattei for understanding what I
was doing and a special thank you to my two personal helpers Vanishvar (Brian) Manorat who have been consistently there and Stefan Boyce.”

Article submitted by Ex-Capt. Hugh Ross
XGDF Bar-B-Q 2014
With excellent weather and tremendous support from the members and supporters the XGDF NY hosted their event of the summer THE ANNUAL
FUNDRAISING BBQ. Lance’s place was the hive of greetings and hugs as long lost friends met to renew ties, share a drink and party in an atmosphere
of goodwill.  The party really started to rock around 7pm and lasted until 4 am.
Great music was supplied by Perry’s Super Sound. A wide variety of mouth watering Guyanese dishes were available giving the occasion a taste of
home. Added excitement was the drawing of the RAFFLE and the results are as follows
.1st Prize   -   Flat Screen TV won by ticket # 00011
Donated by George Rollins Plumbing & Heating    tele # 917-560-1400 and
Steve Lucus Accounting & Tax Services tele # 718-344-2743
2nd - Prize  Tablet  (Computer)  won by ticket # 01605
Donated by Errol Lewis of ABC General Service Inc. tele # 718-879-2662
3rd Prize   large  hamper of assorted liquor  won by ticket # 00646
Donated by Edmond Braithwaite of Nostrand Wines & Liquors tele #516-424-6408.
Special thanks to Mr Lance Patterson for making the venue available to us. To all who donated, sold or bought tickets or in any way helped to make the
raffle a success our thanks.To our members, friends and supporters our deepest appreciation. It could not have been done without you.
Submitted by
J. Glasgow

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                                                      XGDF Association NY
                                                     132-16 Rockaway Blvd
                                                     S/Ozone Park NY 11420

Date:   July 23, 2014
To:      Life Members
From:  The Steering Committee  

RE:      Life Membership Benefits Scheme

The Life Membership Benefits Scheme committee comprising of Members: Joseph Glasgow, Colin Abdool  and  Lennox  
Pyle is pleased to inform you that enrollment for the benefits year 2014 to 2015 was closed on June 30th 2014 as stipulated
in previous correspondence.

Thirty-seven (37) members are enrolled in the scheme and in the event of an unforeseen misfortune, are now entitled to the
benefits as outlined in the package.  This period of benefits entitlement ends on June 30th 2015.

Enrollment for the next benefit period (2015 - 2016) will commence on May 1, 2015 and ends on June 30, 2015. Benefits
for those who enroll will again commence on July 1, 2015.


a. Death of participating member    $1,000.00

b. Death of participating member’s spouse  $   500.00

c. Death of participating member’s child   $   500.00

d. Disaster relief as outlined    $   500.00

e. 25% discount on hall donation

Sincerely yours,
Joseph Glasgow  
(for the committee)