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Lt Col George Gomes, President of the recently inaugurated Guyana Veterans Legion, visited with the XGDF Association of NY on Sunday 21st
September during our scheduled monthly meeting. In an invited address, he explained the merging of the XGDF of Guyana and the Guyana Legion
into what is now the Guyana Veterans Legion; and how this merger now better serves our WW2 veterans and ex members of the GDF. He
highlighted the deplorable condition of the Legion Hall which now badly needs repairs and revealed that because there is no state budget for
assistance to veterans in Guyana, all repair and maintenance costs will have to be funded through the efforts of the Legion. He stressed that the
welfare of Guyana's veterans and particularly the "shut-ins"should be of concern to all and made a stirring plea for monetary and material help. He
invited all ex GDF personnel to become financial members of the new body (Interested persons may contact Johnny Glasgow Tele.
347-538-4943.) In thanking XGDF of NY for honoring its annual pledge of Guy$100, 000 without fail for the past 13 years he expressed the hope
that others would do the same. Following his address Lt Col Gomes was presented with this year's contribution of US$500 by Ms Cheryl Tappin
President of XGDF, NY.

Submitted by. J. Glasgow
Picture shows Miss Cheryl Tappin President of XGDF Association NY handing over the Association's
2014 contribution to Lt Col George Gomes (ret.) President of the Guyana Veterans Legion.

October 5th marked the 18th hosting of the Griffith Memorial Dominoes Tournament by the XGDF of New York. This annual tournament honoring the
memory of Gregory and Delmar Griffith (father and son) was held at our hall in Queens NY.

It may be recalled that Gregory (the father) passed away in 1996 and Delmar (the son) died in a tragic vehicle accident in 2011. The first 14 years of the
tournament was held in honor of Gregory but subsequent to his son's passing, it was combined with a new trophy depicting both of the deceased.

Coordinator of the event Member Johnny Glasgow, got the occasion started with welcome remarks to all. After presentation and introduction of the teams
Ms. Elizabeth Griffith, wife and mother of the honorees, conducted a touching and somber minute of silence.

Three teams participated in the competition, XGDF of NY,  The Zephyrs  and The Griffiths. After keen, spirited but friendly competition the XGDF
emerged winners amassing a total of 76 points. Zephyrs and Griffiths tied for 2nd place with 74 points each. Outstanding players were C. Baynes and V.
Young both scoring 16 of a possible 18 points; however C. Baynes was awarded the best player because of the "more sixes" rule.
Presentation of the team and individual prizes was done by Ms. Elizabeth Griffith and Ms. Roslyn Griffith assisted by their children and grand children.
Closing remarks were given by by Ms. E. Griffith and Ms. Julie La Fleur who both thanked the players and their supporters for their support and friendship
over the years thereby making the loss of their loved ones more bearable.

Submitted by J Glasgow
Ms. Elizabeth Griffith addressing the players and supporters
Death Announcenent
The President and members of the XGDF Association of NY extend sympathy to the family of Norman McLean, Brigadier Retired, on the death of his
mother Ms. Agnes McLean/Walker, who died today at the age of 102.  Ms McLean/Walker is also the grandmother of the Secretary of Ex National Service
Association, Nigel McLean.

No other information is available at this time.

*This information was provided by Nigel McLean.

The President and members of the XGDF Association of NY are in sympathy with the family of Ex-soldier 2250 William Downes, who passed away on
October 15, 2014 in Brooklyn, after ailing with Cancer for the past four years.  

*This information was provided by member Claude Woolward.
Death Announcements:
The XGDF Association NY regrets to announce the passing of Ex-W/Lcpl Orla Nurse, formerly of the Coast Guard and the
wife of Ex-Sgt. Neville Reid, also of the Coast Guard, who departed on October 23, 2014.   
Funeral arrangements are:

Viewing:       Thursday, October 30, 2014
Time:             4:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.        
Place:             New Life Center of Truth, 240 Snyder Avenue
                   (between Rogers & Bedford Avenues)
Service:        7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Burial:           Friday, October 31, 2014

Members of the XGDF Association of NY extend their sympathy to the family.  
May her soul rest in peace.
This information was submitted by  Ex-Sgt. Neville Reid.